What Girls Like

hay09A Story written by Lacy

Guys, let me let you in on a little secret. Us girls like having our pussy licked. If you’re willing to put the time and effort into pleasing us down there, then you’re halfway home. We’ll be much more willing to let you stick your dick in our mouths or to get it on with our best girlfriends. It’s all about getting us ready to rumble, and the A number one way to do that is eat us out.

Of course, knowing how you guys are, I know that there aren’t that many of you who are as willing to crunch carpet at the drop of the hat. After all, if you had your choice between getting a blowjob or eating your girl out, which would you choose? Right, sure you would.

Well, I’d gone through my share of guys who seemed promising in bed but just weren’t willing to please me down there. They seemed way more interested in getting their rocks off than mine. That all changed when my friend Lynne set me up with an old friend of hers from college. “He’s really nice,” she said to me. “And he’s got a tongue that’s to die-for.” Well, that certainly grabbed my attention.

Well, I met Andre at a party thrown by Lynne and her husband Tom. At first glance, I wondered why Lynne would want to set me up with him; he didn’t seem like my type at all. But over a couple drinks, I warmed up to him. I found that he had traveled all over the world, was quite articulate and funny. At the end of the night when he asked for my phone number, I gave it to him without hesitation.

Several days later he called and we met for coffee, and I discovered that Andre was delightful to be with. I laughed at his funny stories and gazed at his handsome face. And all throughout, Lynne saying that he gave good head was running through my head.

Our date, if you could call it that, ended much too soon and we promised to get together that next weekend for dinner. I couldn’t wait to get him between my legs.

Our date was electric; the sexual tension could be cut by a knife. Afterwards, we went for a drink and then I invited him back to my place.

We were sitting on my couch enjoying a glass of wine when he made his move. He approached to kiss, and I didn’t back away. Before long our tongues were passionately darting back and forth, and his hand dropped down to cup my right breast. The strength of his grip on me was intoxicating and I was soon groping for his hardness.

We continued playing with each other for what seemed like hours. My underwear was completely drenched, I was so hot. He unbuttoned my blouse, sliding his hand underneath my bra to roll my erect nipple between his fingers. He was firm yet gentle and I was melting.

Andre gently eased me onto my back, gently raising my short skirt above my knees. Deliciously slow, he pulled my underwear and hose down to the floor. He smiled at me and then started kissing up the inside of my legs. It was absolute heaven! The anticipation he created as he little by little moved the light touch of his lips from calf to thigh and above was delight, pure and simple delight. I moaned softly as he drew nearer and nearer my sex.

When he finally reached my pussy, I almost creamed right then. I was so wet and wanting, and as he lightly kissed the top of my mound, I felt like I was going to die. Then, with the same firm and gentle grip he evidenced with my breasts, he pushed that godlike tongue against my folds. Down one side and up the other, Darting gently in my hole before it pressed up against my throbbing clit. He was driving me completely insane with that tongue of his and I was completely in love. I don’t know if it was Andre I loved or just that masterful tongue of his.

Andre continued pleasing my pussy, licking me to one delicious orgasm after another. He’d swirl that tongue against my clitoris, flicking the tip against my sensitive spot. My pussy was on fire, and the heat of the tension and release shot through my entire body. I quivered and moaned and lost all control, powerless before Andre’s mouth.

I lost track of time and how many times I’d climaxed when Andre looked up from between my legs. His face was glistening from my juices. I was physically worn out, but wanted to feel him inside me. I told him to get a condom, which he quickly did and put on. He climbed on top of me as his dick slid effortlessly inside me.

He started thrusting slowly, with long deep strokes. If his tongue had been talented, his cock was even more so. I floated away on a cloud of pure lust as he hammered into me. I came again before I felt his body tense and hold against me.

We remained still for what seemed like hours before I asked if he wanted to move to the bedroom. He just smiled.

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