Phone Sex Seekers, Meet Your New Naughty Phone Girl

Phone sex seekers, meet your new naughty phone girl.  If you haven’t called me before, you’re in for a real treat.  I’ll treat you like the king you are, fulfilling all your kinky fantasies.  So, all you phone sex seekers, seek no more; I’m right here

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What Girls Like

hay09A Story written by Lacy

Guys, let me let you in on a little secret. Us girls like having our pussy licked. If you’re willing to put the time and effort into pleasing us down there, then you’re halfway home. We’ll be much more willing to let you stick your dick in our mouths or to get it on with our best girlfriends. It’s all about getting

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Naughty Phonesex

I offer you some of the naughtiest phonesex around.  I get off on talking dirty, the dirtier the better.  That’s why I got into the phonesex world, and I haven’t been disappointed.  How could I be, when I get to cum with my hot and horny phone sex callers.

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The Name Says it All: Naughty Phone Girl


When I was trying to figure out the name of this domain here – Naughty Phone Girl – all sorts of names came into my naughty little head.  But then I thought, why get too creative or obtuse; why not just say what I am:  a naughty phone girl.  I think that sums me up pretty nicely, don’t you?


Hi, I’m Lacy. I am 20 something year young hot & sexy brunette that loves naughty phone sex! My specialties are hot, sexy naughty phone sex to fetish erotica. Sex is my favorite subject, so if you need a hot and sexy jerk off or a sensual dominatrix, I’m the gal for you :) Check out my other pages and post, then give me a call. Currently I am exclusively thru the Niteflirt Click to Call site. Talk to you soon, xoxoxoxo, Lacy